Hockey Development Guides

Here you will find the Development Guides for Mini-Mite (4 yrs) through Advanced Mite II (9 yrs) programs. These documents are meant to be a "roadmap" for development, as defined and supported by USA Hockey's Lesson Plans A-D. Please remember that each player is unique and the each team's development may not adhere directly to these guides. These are meant to be a roadmap (a reference point) to support the proper development of your team.

Rookie Development Plan (5 yrs. old)

USA Hockey Lesson Manual A

General Format of Practices:
Every weekend in Rookie Mites should be focused around basic skating technique (T-Push, V-Start, Stopping, Edges, Backward skating)

  • 5 minutes warm-up & stretch – alternate between Clockwise and Counter Clockwise direction
  • 15 minutes full-ice drills (6 lines – 3 each side of net) or (all kids along boards, side to side)
  • 25 minutes Lesson Plan Material and/or stations (include 1 “fun station”)
  • 10 minutes other material designated by head coaches
  • 5 minutes free/fun time at the end of practice

IIHF Learn to Play Program

Skating Skills & Skill of the Week from USA Hockey

Shooting & Passing

50 Ways to Score More Goals

Goalie Drills & Video

Goalies should not be shut out from coaching

Hockey Skills

Articles & Resources

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