Ice Hockey for Youth Coaches

This site was constructed for youth hockey coaches. There are links to video's, articles, and resources that we thought you might enjoy. Feedback is appreciated and we hope to see you around the rink.

Skating Skills & Skill of the Week from USA Hockey

Shooting & Passing

50 Ways to Score More Goals

Goalie Drills & Video

Goalies should not be shut out from coaching

Why is it that hockey goalies, arguably the most important players on a team, receive the least amount of coaching during the season?

Structuring Your Team Practices

Hockey Skills

Articles & Resources

Hockey Training for All Ages by Laura Stamm Power Skating & Dr.Jack Blatherwick, PhD.

In recent years sports scientists have spoken out emphatically about the harmful effects of premature and over-intense athletic training of young children. Many complain that hockey programs for youngsters are too intense, competitions too many, seasons too long, emphasis on winning too great.

The Healing Power of Hockey - ABC News

Sled Hockey - USA Hockey

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